OZONE TECHNOLOGY offers solutions for water disinfection by ozonation and sanitisation of the environment in rooms and ducts by indirect ozonation.  Ozone water disinfection and air sanitisation can be applied in many fields, as it does not create significant residues or by-products.

To avoid the spread of diseases and to maintain the healthiness of any type of installation (hotels, restaurants, offices, companies, hospitals...) it is prudent and advisable to integrate the usual practices of cleaning and disinfection with the use of ozone for disinfection and inactivation of viruses and pathogens.

Ozone is a gas that can penetrate into every corner of rooms and therefore can disinfect more effectively than other procedures. As it is unstable, it is easily converted into oxygen, leaving no harmful residual ozone after disinfection.

Recent studies have shown that ozone can also be an ideal airborne disinfectant in the absence of people, due to its high oxidising power.

Ozone disinfects by directly oxidising and destroying the cell wall of the microorganism, causing the cellular components to leak out of the cell. This causes protoplasmic destruction of the cell, damaging nucleic acid components and breaks carbon-nitrogen bonds, leading to depolymerisation.

The reaction time of ozone can vary depending on temperature, humidity and other factors. At OZONE TECHNOLOGY, experience shows us the importance of taking into account the characteristics of the installations and we consider the resistance and reaction time of the pathogens to be treated, in order to offer the right solution for each need.

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