Own production.

We have chosen to manufacture and install our own turnkey products and services. This not only increases our ability to guarantee quality and delivery times, it also allows us to improve our efficiency and competitiveness. It also results in a better collaboration with our customers and suppliers creating a greater possibility to develop our products. We have full control of the entire manufacturing and integration process, from the order to the delivered product. We aim to manufacture all our products in-house.

The equipment is designed based on the experience of each application and has a specific functionality for each need, not only the generator, but the peripheral and auxiliary equipment needed in each application is taken into account when it comes to a specific and determined application.

Consultancy and design

Our consultancy and design team is in charge of development, design and manufacturing planning according to the needs agreed with the customer.

We develop and design the majority of our products, from welded structures, equipment assembly, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic development, as well as programming our own system control systems using PLC and SCADA systems.

Because the design and manufacturing departments share the same facilities, we can more quickly achieve a joint solution for the design and manufacture of our equipment. We use 3D CAD software for design and calculations, and Monitor for resource planning.

We work closely with our sales department who in turn are in full contact with our customer, this keeps us closer to them and means we can respond more quickly to their wishes.

Our desire is to create a product and service with the best quality, innovation and service using the shortest time and cost for our customers, creating a market leading position in the development of solutions using ozone technology.


Competent advice for your company, our team of experts is happy to assist you in all possible aspects of your project. You can rely on our discretion, regardless of the subject matter, you can count on our absolute discretion. Your privacy comes first for us.

We work to comply with the safety standards and regulations applicable to our products and services, with the monitoring of the same we achieve continuous improvement.

Maintaining optimum levels of quality in our facilities as well as in our after-sales services means that we can commit ourselves to quality and full confidence in the work we do.

Maintenance and support

In Ozone Technolgy, S.L. our priority is to be at our customers' side, contributing and collaborating to the improvement of their production processes as well as the importance of their continuity 24 hours a day without interruptions that may affect their operations.

From technological innovation and the development of processing and conservation techniques for their products, which favour economic savings and improve global competitiveness.

Our Technical Assistance Service Team is prepared to offer 24-hour assistance and supervision through on-line monitoring systems and remote connection, which makes it possible to rectify any incident in a short period of time. We know how important it is that production processes never stop.

Remote monitoring system

Ozone Technology offers our customers our new remote monitoring and management system for our entire range of machines and systems, with which you can be aware at all times of the status of all equipment installed in your company, you can remotely manage any necessary configuration, you will get a remote support service with fast response time by our technical services and to monitor the operating data of your installation.

Possible connection methods for our machines:

  • Integration with the company's internal ethernet network via RJ45 connection.
  • Possibility of installing a 3G/4G modem (subject to availability of coverage)
The services associated with our system:
  • Monitoring of machine alarms, notification by email both to the customer and to our SAT service.
  • Control of machine operating hours and controlled maintenance management.
  • Possibility of remote adaptation of the machine by the SAT, ensuring continuity in the event of any incident.
  • Remote assistance management of the machine by our SAT service.
  • Logging and sending of historical data on machine operation by e-mail.
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